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Release Date:
TBA 2018

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MIDNIGHT GHOST HUNT is a multiplayer hide-and-seek shooter game that pits a team of Ghosts against a team of Ghost Hunters. Ghost players have the ability to transform into household furniture and hide in plain sight in an effort to evade capture.

At the stroke of Midnight, the Hunt begins.

The Ghosts must survive the Hunt until the time runs out, or attempt to sabotage the Hunter's energy source, although this is risky.

The Ghost Hunters must work together to protect the energy source and eliminate all hidden Ghosts in the area before the time runs out.

MIDNIGHT GHOST HUNT is being developed by Mellowsoft, nearly entirely by just one developer, although the team is now growing to help complete the project.



  • Play online with your friends as either a Ghost or as a Ghost Hunter
    • Ghosts may transform into furniture and other objects to remain hidden in plain sight
    • Hunters are equipped with various gadgets that will help them track down the Ghosts
  • Both Ghosts and Ghost Hunters players may select one of three classes that unlock various special abilities
    • For example, the Poltergeist Ghost can remotely move objects and create sounds to confuse and distract Hunters
    • The Grenadier Hunter is equipped with an anti-ghost grenade launcher to aid against those pesky small & fast Ghosts
    • Classes may be mixed and matched on a team to complement a certain playstyle
  • Ghost players may also win a match by collecting Ectoplasm hidden in hard-to-reach areas of the map
    • Using the Ectoplasm, Ghosts may attempt to sabotage the Hunter's energy generator
    • Ghost Hunters must balance their time between guarding the generator and hunting the Ghosts
  • Earn various cosmetic unlocks for both Ghosts and Ghost Hunters through winning matches
    • Hunters may unlock different outfits, emotes, and sprays
    • Ghosts may unlock sound effect taunts and sprays
  • Three maps with different themes, layouts and strategies will be included on launch
    • More maps are planned post-launch
  • Online multiplayer with server browser and dedicated server support
    • Matchmaking in some form will be present on release




Mellowsoft is a new independent game development outfit in Los Angeles, CA. We are a very small team -- in fact, for most of Midnight Ghost Hunt's development, the team consisted of only one developer. Samuel Malone (also known by his handle, Kite) graduated from Chapman University in 2015 and worked in the television visual effects and animation industry for three years prior to founding Mellowsoft in 2018.

With the generosity of Epic's Unreal Dev Grant, Mellowsoft will be expanding its team in the very near future.

Mellowsoft strives to create fun experiences you can share with others. We think the very best gaming experience can be derived from engaging with others all around the world, connecting and enjoying in our favorite form of escapism.