Weekly Update - June 21st, 2019

Hey there, Ghost Hunters! 👻

This weeks update is update is flyin’ towards ya, so grab your Cannon… and watch out for the chairs.

Set em up… and knock em down.

Set em up… and knock em down.

Yesterday, we won the Unreal Engine E3 Award in the Underdog category! Thank you so much to the team at Epic for the recognition. It’s an honor to have been chosen when the category was filled with some lovely games. We’re proud to be a part of the UE4 community.

We’re all about “small team, big dreams” - we think that a compelling gaming experience can be achieved with a tiny team working together efficiently.

Although Kite worked alone on MGH for the first year of production, last July we acquired funding. Kite started slowly putting a team together to finish the game, while still keeping it very small and nimble.

I wanted to take some time to shoutout each member of the MGH development team!

Samuel Malone (aka Kite) - Twitter
Lead Developer / Programmer / 3D Artist
Started developing MGH in mid-2017 in his spare time after working in TV visual effects in Hollywood. Acquired funding mid last year in order to expand the team slightly to give the project a better chance at success.

Samuel Burton (aka Birdm’n) - Twitter
Also known as Birdm’n, Samuel Burton joined last July to help refactor some of Kite’s spaghetti Blueprint code into efficient C++. He’s helped implement some key features like the killcam instant replay system and the Ghost ram/arc system.
You may also remember him as the one that gave out keys one-by-one on Discord during the DreamHack Winter alpha test in December 2018. A true warrior, I must say.

Felix Waubert de Puiseau - Artstation, Twitter
3D Artist
We brought on Felix a few months ago to start improving our 3D art assets. He designed, modeled, textured, rigged, and animated the new Hunter weapon seen in the E3 teaser. A man of many talents!
He also did the same for our new backpack and radar designs.
Expect to see all of the Hunter gear/gadgets redesigned to look amazing in the coming months!

Dennis Filatov - Instagram, Soundcloud
Sound Designer / Composer
Dennis came on board earlier this year to help make the game sound amazing. All those juicy ghost explosions, cannon fire, radar crackles, all that stuff sounds as good as it looks.
In addition, Dennis worked with music partner Inez Kontio (together they are Ghostwood Empire) to compose the lovely song we used in our E3 trailer. (Where Are You? - Ghostwood Empire)
They did such a great job, so expect some more music from them in the game going forward.

Lastly but certainly not least, a huge shoutout to everyone at Coffee Stain who has helped us make this project a reality with all their support.

Before we sign off this week, I wanted to just throw this out there:

In the coming weeks, we may be looking for an Unreal Engine multiplayer / network programming expert to help us implement a dedicated server backend such as Gamelift, as well as optimize our network traffic. General UE4 optimization knowledge (Blueprint -> C++ refactoring, GPU optimizations, etc) is a big bonus.

We will post a proper job description soon, but if this strikes your fancy, please reach out to any of the devs on Discord, or on our contact form at Vaulted Sky Game’s website.

That’s it for this week, Ghost Hunters.

Tune in next week, where we will go over some gameplay changes some of you may have spotted in the E3 teaser if you played during either of our 2 previous alpha tests.

Until next time, Ghost Hunters. 👻

Your friend,