Weekly Update - April 26th, 2019

Hey there Ghost Hunters!

My name is Poggers, and if you haven’t heard already, I’m the newly appointed Community Manager for MIDNIGHT GHOST HUNT!

This is my first post to the website since accepting the position, and I hope you will forgive me if it stinks!

This is our first of many weekly updates to come! In these updates, we are aiming to bring you juicy details about the game’s ongoing development, information about upcoming alpha/beta tests — and much more to come down the line!


This week, we don’t have much to talk about YET!

Kite and Birdm’n are getting back from Easter holiday and they’re hard at work squashing all those dang bugs from the recent alpha test. The team is also developing new art assets and performance improvements for low end hardware.

We’re hoping the next test will run better for people in general, both on the network and frame rate side of things. More on that later!

Expect some previews on the new art assets in the coming weeks - there’s some cool new stuff getting cooked up as we speak.

If you haven’t noticed by now, anyone who requested a key from our Key Bot through Discord during the Alpha received the Alpha Tester vanity role! How do you all feel about the Alpha Tester role color? Please let us know how you feel in #off-topic in our Discord!

In other news, you may now opt in to a Newsletter role on our Discord! If you opt in, you will receive ping notifications when we have a new Weekly Update, server news, and much more! This role is completely optional, and is not required. You can opt-in to this role in the #rules-and-info channel on our official Discord.

We will still ping everyone for BIG news like another test or release date information, but this is a nice way to stay informed on the development as we continue onward!

If you’re not from our Discord and you’re reading this, you should totally join the community by clicking this link!

That’s all we have for you this week Ghost Hunters, stay tuned for the next Weekly Update where we are hoping to have some new juicy content to show off!

Your friend,

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