Weekly Update - May 24th, 2019

Hey there, Ghost Hunters!

Welcome to our Weekly Update!

This week, we’re taking a look at our social channels, and what we can do to improve them and make them even better for our community. We are hoping to achieve this by adding new moderators to our team, as well as aiming to deliver content you want to see.

Although things are quiet for now, big things are on the horizon!

The Mansion sits quiet, awaiting the next group of Hunters to come searching…

The Mansion sits quiet, awaiting the next group of Hunters to come searching…

We are closing closing our Moderator applications today - after 2 weeks we have gotten a huge pile of applications, and have already begun reviewing and interviewing potential candidates! Thank you everyone for your interest!

For those of you who applied, make sure to keep an eye out for a DM from the moderation team!

Did you know we have a Twitter account? Probably not - considering it’s a ghost town, get it? Ha!

Come engage with us! We love questions, comments, feedback, and memes.

If you haven’t noticed, our Discord emotes are a bit sparse! We only have 5 emotes, sadly.

While we love our Hyper Hunter, and the Hyper Ghosts, we’d like a little more flavor to our emotes, and so - we are happy to announce the MGH Discord Emote Contest!

If your emote is one of our selected winners, you will win 4 beta keys!

If your emote is one of our selected winners, you will win 4 beta keys!

That’s right, Ghost Hunters! We are looking to add some new emotes to our Discord Server, and we need your help!

We are seeking at least 3 original emotes that reference MGH in some fashion, whether it be about Ghosts or Hunters or something else.

Make sure it is your own original artwork, not an image that you have modified! Any style is accepted, cute or realistic or whatever you come up with!

Should you participate, keep the following in mind:

  1. You will direct message your emote design to ModMail. (Midnight Ghost Hunt ModMail#3502)

  2. The emote will be no larger than 112x112px, and no smaller than 64x64px.

  3. Bonus points for animated emotes!

  4. By submitting your emote, you grant MIDNIGHT GHOST HUNT full permissions and usage rights to use the emote on the server.

If we decide to use your emote, you will be guaranteed 4 extra alpha keys at the start of the next alpha test! Won’t need to spam the key bot, they will be set aside just for you.

All emote winners will also get a special vanity Emote Artist role, and will get their social media linked when we announce the new emotes!

Squad up with your buddies, or give them to randoms - anything goes!

These alpha keys will persist all the way until the end of beta, as currently planned.

(Alpha 3 is still unscheduled, but do note that Kite says progress is going very smoothly and can’t wait for everyone to try out the new stuff! He appreciates everyone’s patience - and it will be worth the wait!)

That’s is for this week, Ghost Hunters!

That wraps up this week’s update! We have some exciting things coming in June, stay tuned for new information!

Make sure to check back next week, and as always. Stay cool, Ghost Hunters.

Your friend,