Weekly Update - October 4th, 2019

Hey there, Ghost Hunters!

Hey there, Ghost Hunters! Thanks for joining us for another installment of our Weekly Updates.
This week, we are going to dive more in-depth to some of the changes we have mentioned prior — and discuss some new ones!

One of the biggest new features developed is the transition from UE4’s built-in voice chat to Discord voice services. This service will ensure higher quality voice chat, as well as make handling voice chat operations much smoother! (You can click here to read our more in-depth update regarding Discord Voice)

We have also added Discord Rich Presence to our game client, as some of our Members from our Discord may have noticed already.

Rich Presence is a feature that detects what game is currently playing (in this case: Midnight Ghost Hunt). It will show the current map, what team they are on, and how much time is remaining until Midnight.

We’ve also set up the framework to have game invites and joins right through Discord! Although not configured yet, we’re expecting it to be relatively easy to implement. 

Now you can see if your friend is   ghosting   you to play MGH!

Now you can see if your friend is ghosting you to play MGH!

As we mentioned last week, we’ve been making some tweaks to the balance of power. The biggest one is our Ghost ability overhaul.

Ghost abilities are being split into two phases, a pre-Midnight and post-Midnight power. This is to make the pre-Midnight phase more about hiding, playing tricks, and misdirecting Hunters. post-Midnight is all about knocking out Hunters in the most spectacular ways.

Post-Midnight Class Ability Changes

  • Doppelganger - Directly possess a Hunter, instead of making a copy. Players can use whatever weapon they had equipped to damage other Hunters. The possessed Hunter can only watch in horror as they are controlled directly by a menacing Ghost. Any damage taken from a fellow Hunter will force the Ghost back out.

  • Phantom - Activating the Cloak after Midnight will enter players into Phantom Form for a short while. All projectiles or melee weapons will pass through the player, meaning no direct damage can be taken. Splash damage from cannon explosions and grenades can still deal damage, however.

  • Poltergeist - Pull an object to the player using their telekinetic powers. The object will float to the player's right, and the camera will become over-the-shoulder. Press the ability button again, and the object will go flying forward crushing anything in its path. If the object comes into contact with Hunters, Generators or Traps it will deal damage.

We have also given our Ghosts passive perks just like the Hunters have already. These are still being actively tested and improved so we will go over them another time.

We’re also working on some new Ghost classes and Hunter gadgets, but they’re not quite ready to be talked about yet.

That’s it for this week, Ghost Hunters!

Thanks for reading!

Do you think the ability upgrades make Ghosts too OP?
Or do you believe the Ghost Hunters will come out on top yet again?

Be sure to let us know, and as always, make sure to check back next week!