Weekly Update - October 11th, 2019

Hey there, Ghost Hunters!

Thank you all for joining us for another haunting edition of our Weekly Update! We have been going over some changes to our Ghosts over the last few weeks, so why not continue the tradition?

Spooktober is here, and with it comes with plenty of inspiration. We’re coming up with new ways to spice up Ghost gameplay.

Our latest idea is a new Ghost class! Enter: The Wraith

The Wraith is all about finding ways to disable or hijack Hunter’s gadgets. You are the GHOST in the Machine!

Watching… Waiting… Ready to punch a Ghost Hunter in the face…

Watching… Waiting… Ready to punch a Ghost Hunter in the face…

New Ghost Class: Wraith

  • Wraiths can fry Hunter’s gadgets for a short amount of time. However, This requires maintaining a line of sight on the Hunter for the duration of the cast, which can be hard to pull off.

  • When casting their ability, Wraiths have visual and audio elements that reveal themselves to the enemy team. You have to work efficiently and quietly if you want to stay “alive”.

  • Wraiths can reprogram Hunter traps to turn on their masters; this will result in traps hurting the Hunters and not the Ghosts. (Traps felt very hard to counter during the last alpha test, so this is a way to get some revenge!)

  • Wraiths can also sabotage any possessable object. This object, when destroyed by a Hunter, will explode and fry the equipment of any nearby Hunters.

  • AFTER MIDNIGHT, this ability evolves into the Electromagnetic Blast! This is an area of effect blast that affects all Ghost Hunters/Gadgets within line of sight. It has a longer cast time.

In addition to our new Ghost ability, we also added passive perks to our Ghost team. These passive perks work the same as the Ghost Hunters and allow for more customization and tailoring for your style of play.

  • Untrackable - Ghost footprints decay faster (A counter for the Pathfinder gadget, for those of us who live on the go)

  • Heavyweight - Large objects take less damage (Suits of armor, fridges, grandfather clocks, etc.)

  • Shatterproof - Small objects no longer shatter after falling. (Potted plants, tea kettles, busts, etc.)

  • Focused Spirit - Special abilities have a shorter cooldown. (So you can Cloak or Poltergeist or Doppelganger more often!)

Our goal is to create ways to specialize and pick a build that will complement your specific playstyle. We’re also looking at ways to create some symmetry with the Hunters in some ways. Hunters have many, many different types of loadouts to choose from - different combinations of weapons, gadgets, and perks. Ghosts felt a bit lacking in that respect.

How do you feel about these new ideas? Let us know!

Stay tuned in the coming weeks - we may have some scary news on the way! 👻

That’s it for this week, Ghost Hunters!