Weekly Update - July 12th, 2019

Hey there everyone! Kite here.

I’m going to use this week’s update to put out some feelers. We’re looking for someone in particular to join Team MGH and help us battle the ghosts.

Here’s a little job description.

Vaulted Sky Games is looking for an experienced Unreal Engine 4 multiplayer/networking C++ Programmer!

We’re working on a game called Midnight Ghost Hunt with Coffee Stain Publishing, check out our E3 teaser here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gApWHZ_vXhQ

We’re hoping to find an experienced UE4 C++ programmer that has shipped multiplayer title(s). 

Tasks may include:

  • Optimizing replication / network traffic

  • Helping implement and configure multiplayer server backends, linux servers, scaling cloud dedicated servers, etc.

  • Refactoring Blueprint to C++

Experience implementing gameplay mechanics and just general UE4 C++ & blueprint knowledge would be a plus!

As we do not have a physical office, this job will be remote. The job would be project-based at first but could evolve to longer-term work.

If you would like to apply or request more info, please reach out to:


Or DM me on Discord:


About Vaulted Sky:

We are a new and very small indie games studio with a love for multiplayer experiences.

We think the very best gaming experiences can be derived from engaging with others all around the world, connecting and sharing in our favorite form of escapism.

We also intend to prove that compelling games can be created by a small team that can quickly adapt and incorporate new ideas as they arrive.