Weekly Update - August 16th, 2019

Hey there, Ghost Hunters!

Lamp Creep Pax.png

We are going to be at the Discord booth at PAX West in Seattle, WA from August 30th until September 2nd!

Huge thanks to the Discord team for hosting us! ❤️

If you’re coming to PAX West, definitely make a point to come on by the booth and say hi and play a couple rounds!

We will have a total of 8 machines running Midnight Ghost Hunt (Courtesy of Discord❤️) so we’ll have a full lobby! No bots needed.

Perfect for you and up to 7 of your best pals to come by for a chance to try out the game.
WARNING: MGH has been known to ruin friendships. Ghosts are scary.👻

We hope you can come by for some good ol’ fashioned ghost hunting. There may even be some swag I’ve heard…

If you’re a content creator, definitely come on by and check it out! Although we are not permitting recording during this showcase, we’d love to connect for future opportunities.

but thats not all!

We know everyone has been waiting all summer long for news on the alpha test that Kite promised on stage at E3.

It’s taken a little bit longer than anticipated because we want to make sure the test is stable enough to be enjoyable and productive! We appreciate your patience!

That being said… you MIGHT want to keep your eye on the Discord in the coming weeks. No reason in particular. Just a hunch.

Thats it for this week, ghost hunters